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I'm technologist, artist and designer to the core. My passion for technology and design and how they affect our lives drives me to learn how these technologies work and how we can use them to create amazing things. I embrace technology, learn how it works and design and build experiences for it. Whether it's wearable technology such as Android Wear, hardware platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles or new interaction methods such as virtual reality - my passion drives me to explore these technologies and make beautiful experiences with them.

My main focus is delivering a truly unique interactve experience that captures the essence of the client's product and services while maintaining a high level of usability across multiple devices. My expertise lies in developing responsive, fluid web sites, web apps and native device apps that offer an optizmized experience regardless of the device being used to view it. I utilize standardized web technologies that result in a future-proof product that is easy to maintain and update.


Artist and Developer from Buffalo, NY with over 16 years of experience developing engaging and innovative web sites and apps for companies in both the public and private sector. My skills include a high proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator, HTML, CSS and JS as well as frameworks such as AngularJS, bootstrap and Ionic. I can storyboard an idea in the form of paper and whiteboard sketches and develop them into beautiful visual designs, working prototypes and finished products.

Highly proficient in cross-platform, cross-device web app development using HTML 5 along with frameworks such as AngularJS, Ionic Framework, bootstrap and others. Expert design skill using the Adobe Creative Suite to deliver beautiful designs focusing on usability, layout, typography, texture, composition and color while maintaining accessability. Comfortable developing in an agile environment using various IDEs such as VisualStudio, Android Studio and Xcode, Git for version control, Bower and NPM for dependency management and Jira/Bitbucket for work process. Able to quickly solve problems and provide creative solutions in a logical manor. Currently an active contributor to the BuffaloJS group, member of the Buffalo Game Space and developing cross-device HTML 5 apps, mobile VR experiences and more.


2013 - 2016 | Harris Computer | Niagara Falls, NY

User Experience Designer

  • Collaborate directly with other UX team members, Tech leads and Product Managers to deliver new product features, bug fixes, prototypes and general improvements
  • Establish use cases, user flows and personas
  • Research and compile detailed data inventories necessary for the user interface
  • Deliver production ready front end markup in HTML, CSS, SASS and JavaScript
  • Maintain personal and public repositories of code branches using GitExt, Bitbucket and other tools
  • Prototype new product ideas, enhancements and features - continuously iternating and improving every sprint
  • Act as embedded UX resource for multiple agile teams participating in sprint planning, backlog grooming and product demos
  • Collaborate with engineers and designers to identify best practices and establish design standards and documentation
  • Performed code and peer reviews offering improvements
  • Mentor junior designers on best practices, process and technique - fostering a continuous learning environment
  • Perform product audit, identify areas of improvement and document a process for standardization
  • Ensure designs and user interfaces are accessable and meet WCAG standards set by W3C
  • Actively maintain knowledge of industry standards, design philosophies and technologies

Examples of work include:, MyGovHub, SmartFusion Brand Indentity, SmartFusion winforms application design standardization, SmartFusion documentation wiki.

2005 - 2013 | Synacor, Inc. | Buffalo, NY

Developer: Prototype Development

  • Collaborate directly with UX Designers and Product Managers to develop pixel perfect prototypes using industry standard tools and technologies such as but not limited to twitter bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Directly apply user testing results to improve current product iterations as well as future product designs
  • Capitalize on front end development skills to develop interactive prototypes for sales and executive teams to use in demoing product concepts to clients and tradeshow attendees
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to identify best practices and establish product design standards
  • Use extensive knowledge of cross-platform/cross-device design and development providing guidance to UX Designers and Software Engineers in establishing responsive solutions to delivering content to multiple devices and platforms
  • Actively maintain knowledge of industry standards, design philosophies and technologies used in software design and development
  • Able to quickly solve problems and provide creative solutions in a logical manor

Examples of work include: prototypes for user start pages, news applications and TV provider login pages

Lead Designer: Native Applications, Cross-Platform Web Apps, Launchers and Start Pages

  • Utilize various design tools and technologies to provide a cohesive creative vision for all visual designs and overall product usability resulting in high end, intuitive and elegant UI designs
  • Create user interface guideline documentation for design, production and maintenance as well as vendor and client branding
  • Consult with product owners and clients to evaluate product requirements and needs
  • Participate in peer reviews facilitating an open and continuous learning environment

Examples of work include: 10 foot UI for Toshiba smart TVs; mobile, tablet and desktop start pages for AT&T, Lenovo and China Unicom; Android OS tablet launchers for Toshiba; client configurable native apps such as NewsPlace, Trending Now and Deals & Offers on Windows 8 and Android OS; entertainment applications on iOS

2000-2005 | Web Media Services | Williamsville, NY

Senior Designer and Flash Developer

Public and Private Sector Web Design and Development
  • Responsible for managing entire design process from initial client meetings, conceptual designs to final product development and deployment
  • Utilized knowledge of Adobe Flash to built flash-based PDA applications and interactive CDROMs
  • Work directly with clients to develop product design concepts, ideas and unique solutions resulting in retention and business growth
  • Collaborate with back end programmers to develop professional, highly polished and industry compliant products and services for both private sector businesses and public sector government organizations
Exhibio Digital Signage Product Design and Development
  • Work in parallel with the Senior Software Architect to design and develop the Exhibio Digital Signage product’s user interface and supporting CMS
  • Responsible for creating all Exhibio marketing materials including logo design, brand identity and marketing website resulting in a highly successful product launch
  • Utilized development skills to build default CMS layout templates, digital signage themes, and flash-based widgets creating an intuitive and user friendly signage system

My Resume

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