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For over 16 years I've been designing, prototyping and developing engaging websites, mobile apps and brand identities. My designs have shipped on Toshiba Windows and Android devices, have been used by millions of people on the web and continue to expand to include more devices, platforms and operating systems.

Passionate about design, art, music, prototyping and development.

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Newly Released Projects

Throne To The Lions | Self titled EP

A side project started towards the end of the summer 2015, Throne To The Lions is my first official music release. Driving guitars, double base drums and layers of synths and strings create a high energy instrumental hard rock/metal album with cinematic undertones. Containing 6 instrumental tracks plus 1 bonus track, the entire release was written, recorded, produced and design by Chuck Leone.

About This Release

  • 6 all original hard rock/metal instrumental tracks plus 1 bonus track
  • Bandcamp release contains high res CD insert art and other bonus items
  • Includes bonus track "Always With You"
  • All original music and artwork
  • Available for streaming on spotify, apple music and soundcloud

Out Now:

Available from these stores:

Google Play

In Development

Title Pending | Mobile VR Experience

Currently in development, this highly stylized mobile VR experience draws inpsiration from 80s and 90s cyberpunk novels, video games and cinema.

About This Title

  • Stylized graphical design fusing classic cyberpunk with modern gaming esthetics
  • Casual gameplay designed for both short and extended gameplay sessions
  • All original music and sound design
  • A beautiful and immersive VR world

Early Alpha Screenshots: